Modern Furniture Houston

Modern furniture mainly refers to the series of furniture that was created in the late 19th century and influenced by modernism. Modern furniture mainly refers to the kind of furniture that has evolved from the being visually heavy to visually light. As compared to the dark and heavily carved furniture with rich fabric patterns, modern furniture turned out to be more simple and unique in style with monochromatic shades. The materials used for modern furniture include steel, glass, plywood and plastics, some of which would have been considered shocking as to what was being used in the early stages. Although there has been an increase in modern furniture there is also an entire breed of design that still consider the traditional designs to be visually appealing, hence these days you can find all kinds of furniture pieces some modern, some traditional and some even crossed between the two.

When it comes to finding the best series of modern furniture in Houston, there are quite a few stores and brands that offer the same. Cantoni has been creating beautiful living spaces for their clients for a while now. Whether you are renovating your home, redecorating or setting up your home from scratch, you will be lost for choices with Cantoni. Ever since they opened their doors in 1984, Cantoni has been dedicated to serving their customers with their passion for modern interior designing. They offer a wide selection of modern furniture, art and accessories along with a team of talented design consultants. Cantoni also provides its customers a personalized one-on-one approach and turnkey project management. You can explore their beautiful creations on their website to get an idea of what kind of pieces are made available to the customers.

High Fashion HomeHigh Fashion Home furniture as their name suggests has a beautiful assortment of sofas, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, beds and much more. They are in constant partnership with the most innovative and pioneering manufacturers in the world. They are able to provide customers with a wide selection of designer modern furniture at very reasonable prices. Their collection includes a decent balance of design, comfort, value and quality all at once. High Fashion Home also believe in the fact that the world is constantly changing based on the climatic conditions and in order to make a difference, they have partnered with Arbor Day Foundation wherein for every furniture piece sold a tree will be planted. High Fashion Home would love to inspire their customer and spoil them for choice with their four storey 125,000 square foot home furnishing emporium which offers an array of furniture pieces, fabrics, clothing, gifts and accessories from around the world. A person’s home is always a reflection of their unique personality and style, hence at High Fashion Home they provide with the freedom to choose from a large selection of high style and high design products.

Modern Furniture HoustonModern Furniture Houston is a place where design makes a difference; they also strive to be the very best in modern and contemporary furniture and accessory specialist in Houston. They are truly dedicated to their job and tend to treat customers like their own family members providing them the best of products at the most affordable prices. K&D Home and Design is another popular store in Houston that has been in the furniture industry for over 8 years now. This retail and wholesale business has been known for its human-oriented design concept, simplistic style, consummate construction and environmentally-friendly materials. K&D have showrooms all over the world and are recognized internationally for their simple and ergonomic designs. If you are looking for something creative and unique their team of skilled individuals are always ready to provide you with complete solutions for your home and office needs.

ZientteZientte is another popular furniture brand that has been around for more than 25 years now producing and delivering their own creations. They have 15 stores all over the world where their products are sold. They have a unique combination of deep customization, top-end quality and affordability which has proven to be a true success for the company. You can find all kinds of living, dining and bedroom contemporary furniture along with a unique array of accessories that will add up to the perfect finishes to suit your space and lifestyle. Customization is one of their primary focuses as they are a vertically integrated structure which allows them to meet their clients’ needs and adapt to their spaces. Zientte understands that great design is not merely something to look at but also a whole new lifestyle. Every furniture created by them has a unique quality in design and the way it looks and feels.

EurwayEurway on the other hand has just one mission, to offer contemporary modern furniture to their customers at great prices. Founded in 1980 the Eurway concept was a groundbreaking one for North America to furnish home and offices the European way. They still continue to provide clean, functional designs with sustainable manufacturing methods as they did 30 years ago. The online version of Eurway is now able to serve more customers with a wider selection of innovative products than the Eurway stores. Eurway has always been committed to providing customers with interior decorating solutions that exceed expectations.

Furniture QueenFurniture Queen is another place in Houston (Katy) where one can genuinely save on their greens. Unlike other top and big brands, Furniture Queen works out of their small store and online catalogue which allows them to price their items at nearly 70% below retail prices of big brands. So although you don’t have a big store to come and view the product you can lest be assured that there will not be a compromise on the quality of the products. Furniture Queen was established in 2002 and was originally set up to be an online business; they are also one of the founding furniture dealers on EBay. They also take great efforts in providing customers in rural parts of the country who may not have access to this variety of beautiful modern furniture.